Friday, November 18, 2005


This picture of nature and the richness of its colours was made
near the Mediterranean Sea on the Costa Brava, that famous and
impressive Wild Coast

Thanks to Annechien Prey

We're but fluffs in the winds
of Eternity:
feeling love
from above
in our happy-to-be.

When the winds start to blow
from a freezing direction
a soul should remember
the sunshine's reflection.

How the flowers and trees
bow in stream from the North:
see their colours so sharp
and protected their course.

Playing fluffs in the wind
bringing hope, no despair:
an Eternity's hint ?

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Thursday, November 17, 2005


From reading a book a new idea
(symbolized by a corn-ear)

can come up and become fertile

Ben Tomlow

designed this ex libris for me. It appears in many of my so beloved books and in also in other creative applications.

Ben was a colleague for some years.

He was a great typographic designer indeed.
Together we worked in a book publishing
company in Holland. His exquisite taste,
his patience in explaining
and his intense hate of vulgarity
made him
one of the best colleagues I ever had.

He fought for his ideas and studied

in the evenings to make his work

every time more beautiful.

Thanks again, Ben, for so many lessons

in typographic beauty that you have given
to me.

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Sunday, November 13, 2005


Every now and then poetic lines arrive.

Some of those lines appeared in this blog.

Carmen enjoying a laughing lunch on the Island of Majorca.

Some simple lines for Carmen

My wife and my life
are two poems in one:
some lines and a life
in a love that we won.


Carmen and Roger swimming in the Mediterranean Sea
near the estuary of the Rio Ter in the summer of 2004

An orange floating in the Mediterranean Sea

There was an orange in the sea

I saw it, floating, dancing

and wondered if it came to me
or just was there for fancying.

An Eastern wind that moved the waves
brought it in my direction:
the foamy, salty water gave
a sunny-fine reflection.

I took my shoes off and my socks
and stepped into the waters:

the sandy beach was free of rocks
and laughed like sunny daughters.

It started leaving but came back,
I took it with both hands.

This tiny thing, an orange wreck

a hopeful sign in salty dance.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


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My niece Marina Torres posing on the beach of La Gola
del Rio Ter with the Medas Islands on the background


Beach life

The sea touches a sandy shore
where people who were young before
throw lines with bait of little fish
to get a big one out of this

Fantastic blue-green moving water:
my thoughts now wander to my daughter.
The rhyme and rhythm of these lines
take me away to other times

When we were younger: not so much
and with a strong and eager touch
enjoyed then every beam of sun
before the midday had begun.

We looked for shells, enriching food
that Carmen made so tastely good.
A neighbour's baby joined the meal
and I'm still happy when I feel

That all these good things on the shore
meant happiness: a simple door
that opens when your smile and mood
make you as human feel so good.

Maybe that fisherman's still trying
to get a big fish from the blue.
I put myself down without crying
and whispered softly: 'I love you'.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


In Catalan this little red ball of beauty surrounded by green colours is called 'a galleran'.

It was waiting to be eternalized in a little height called 'Mas Pinell', very near the Mediterranean Sea.

A sign of life

I'm walking as a sign of life
whilst struggling in the wind:
I walk together with my wife
see flowerbeds that seem to hint

Towards a cloudy greyish sky
that covers and grows wild:
a story or a windy lie
told to a growing child.

Nature does tell me proper things
and plays with many darts.
Whatever in my body sings
is joy of life that starts