Wednesday, November 19, 2008


When we see your lovely face
and you say so soft: 'Bye bye'
you become so full of grace
that we always wonder why.

Full of joy and friendly laughter
often asking why and how:
Oh, it's Blacky that you're after
grey and white, our fine wow wow.

When you are in play and walk
smiling is your finest talk
with your friends or mum and daddy.

If you loudly raise your voice
we can only make one choice:
you're a wonder, not a baddy.
Jan Arends, Torroella de MontgrĂ­. Text and photo
of Elsa Mundet. From 'Poetic lines', 2009

1 comment:

Nell said...

Awwww I am laughing so hard: "you're a wonder, not a baddy!" This is sooo sweet! You have this wonderfully fluent ear for English; so much so that I can hear your soul, and it is so kind, and loving and gentle.

Completely amazing, Jan .... almost makes me want to cry. You see this beauty and innocense in a child, and yet -- or perhaps because of that -- you can also move back and look at our whole world and wonder why we are so destructive and determined to hurt each other and ourselves. :)

This is the most important thing an artist learns, I think: the more personal you are in your work, with what you show and give -- the more universal what you express will be, your work will be.

You've given me chills down my arms and a smile and a tear. Thank you.